The history of our enterprise begins with July, 23 1941

In July, 1945 the staff of technical officers has created new types of rectifier in 1948.

In 1949 a new production for tests of transformer oil was mastered.

In 1956 the enterprise started to manufacture semiconductor gates on a basis of germanium.

In 1958 germanium gates for 50, 200 and 500 amperes was developed. And in 1961 the germanium gate for 1000 A was made.

In 1963 the enterprise started to manufacture powerful thyristors.

The first symmetric thyristor (triac) was developed at the enterprise and patented in the USSR with a priority from 22.06.1963, half-year earlier, than in the USA.

Since 1981 manufacture of the unified series of power diodes, thyristors and triacs of threaded stud design on currents up to 400 A and voltage till 1800 V was started.

In 1992 the factory manufactured the first series of potential-free power diode, thyristor and diode-thyristor modules.

In 1999 the enterprise started to manufacture of IGBT-modules under circuits of single switches, choppers and half-bridges.

Now "Electrovipryamitel" has a main plant of power semiconductor devices and converters, the branch factory on manufacture of special converters and two scientific - engineering centers, that is Scientific - engineering center on development of semiconductor devices and Scientific - engineering center on development of converters techniques.

We engaged in development and manufacture of power semiconductor devices and power converters build around them.

We occupy the leading position in Russia and have the long-term steady authority in the markets of the country, providing of the enterprise of Russian Railway Roads, black and nonferrous metallurgy, the nuclear industry, electric power industry, gas and a petroleum industry, machine-tool construction, housing and communal services, a military-industrial complex with our production. We have steady economic relations with more than 600 consumers inside the country and more 50 firms in the countries of far abroad. Quality of production is provided with the system of a quality management developed at the enterprise according to GOST R ISO 9001-2008, acceptances by Quality Department, Acceptance Inspection of Russian Railway Roads, Government nuclear supervision.

Having two scientific - engineering centers, we constantly update production, proceeding from tendencies of global development of power electronics and requirements of customers.

The main target is to provide the consumers with modern and reliable devices of power electronics and converters built around them.

We are ready to look through and to meet all your requirements concerning parameters, circuits, design versions, completing units of new devices. We suggest you our help and technical support in successful realization of your projects.

General director G.Kamentsev

JSC Electrovipryamitel
430001, Russia,
Rep. Mordovia, Saransk,
Proletarskaya Str., 126
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