Converters for rolling stock
Converters for electric drive
Converters for electric technologies
Charging-starting devices
Continuous power units
Converters for system of excitation
Converters for lightning devices
Converters for welding
Converters for others



Converting equipment for railway transport:

- rectifier-and-inverter converters -4000, -4000-2, -4000, -5600 for main line electric locomotives;

- set of electric equipment for electric locomotive 2;

- converters -250, -150-110 for auxiliary circuits of  electric locomotives;

-  rectifier --14,5-900 for gas turbine locomotive;

- rectifiers --6,3-1, --6,3/0,2-1/3, --3,6-510, --3,6-510-1, B--11-500, --3600, --3600, --3600-1, B--500-460 for diesel locomotives;

-  rectifiers -1000, B--400-1,65 for electric trains;

-  rectifiers --4500-1050, -6000 for open-cast electric locomotives;

-  rectifiers --3,15-3,3, -2,0-3,3 for railway substation.

Frequency converters of Omega-2 and Omega-5 for power supply of induction motor drives with voltage 0.4 kV.

Smooth starting devices for induction motor drives with voltage 0,4 kV.

Compensators of reactive power on voltage 0.4 kV automatically maintain the power factor close to the unit, unload transmissions and transformers.

High voltage frequency converters of series on 6 kV and 10 kV for induction and synchronous electric motors.

High voltage frequency converters for smooth sequential start of synchronous electric motors with power up to 5 MW.

Thyristor starting device for smooth start of synchronous electric motors with power up to 12,5 MW and voltage 10kV.

Charging and starting-and-charging units:

- charging and recharging rectifier units (with the opportunity of battery discharge);

-  automatic charging devices of series;

- rectifiers for starting engines and charging of accumulator batteries of –, -, , types;

Rectifiers of -8 series for works in exciting circuit of turbo generating sets and electric motors.

Rectifiers for ice-melting on power transmission lines.

Automated current control system of aluminum electrolyzers series.

Rectifiers - and - for power supply of electrolytic cells for hydrogen formation.

Reversible and non-reversible thyristors units of , , , families for control of rotation speed of d.c. engines.

Rectifiers of - - series for electroplating.

Welding rectifiers -252, -16-.


LED (light-emitting diodes) products of our company


- Office LED lamps of various wattage for lightning of offices, public and administration rooms;

- LED lamps for lightning of porches, staircases and utility rooms in public and residential buildings;

- Industrial LED lamps of various wattage for lightning of industrial premises, warehouses and sport facilities;

- Paving flagstone with built-in LED lamps for landscape gardening and setting of light stripes in front of crosswalks;

All manufactured lamps have various levels of cover proofing IP20, IP40, IP54, IP65 and gain unprescribed certification in independent accreditation centers.

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